Monday, April 24, 2017

All the news from the 8th Edition Q&A feed

After the long awaited and un-shocking reveal over the weekend that 40k 8th edition is coming, the Warhammer Community team had a live feed today to go over the FAQ they released and to answer questions live from we hungry gamers. Here is what I gleaned from the live feed:

Movement stat and Armor modifiers are doubly confirmed.
Vehicles lose armor values, will degrade over time like in Age of Sigmar. Monsters too. (everything can hurt everything else) No stat is capped at 10. Bolters will be able to hurt tanks. Knights will doubtless have tons of wounds.

All models and scenery currently in 7th edition will receive rules.
Command points: there will be 14 force organization charts.
Each one generates a number of command points,
You can reroll a die. You can interrupt the initiative a charger gets for charging.
The command points will fit with the fluff of each army
You can only use one per phase.
Templates are going away!
5 books will come out at launch, containing rules for ALL THE ARMIES!
                Codexes will come out afterwards detailing each specific army.
Cities of death and other supplements will be updated

“This will be the most balanced edition we have ever had”
The three styles of play: Open, Narrative, and Pitched will be constantly refreshed just like the General’s Handbook in AoS

A Warhammer 40k app is in the works but won’t be ready at launch

The top three design goals were: “work for all three ways to play, hold up to the competitive aspect, make it far more accessible”
Wanted to make Chaos the big threat in the new edition and not in the background like previous editions.

There will be two different sets of point values:
Power level will focus on narrative play that covers a broad stroke on units (doesn’t worry about weapon loadouts)

Matched play pays for points per model and weapon as well as other gear just like we currently do.

New Factions we haven’t seen before will appear, some at launch!

Keyword will work in the units like Age of Sigmar, in an effort to nerf death stars and super friends. The example given was that marines and imperial guard won’t get to swap benefits because of their keywords.

They want close combat to be viable again and feel the rules support close combat armies just as much as shooty ones.

They really want to make this an edition that people will enjoy.
Well that was the gist of the Live feed. The last point they wanted to put out there that anyone that has proof of purchase on a codex in the last 8 weeks will be able to contact their customer service and receive a voucher for their purchase, which was pretty decent of them.
What do you guys think? I'm excited but I know there will be oceans of salt out there.

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