Friday, March 31, 2017

More SW: Armageddon leaks! Tau, Eldar, and Dark Eldar!

As many people have been noticing, SW: Armageddon seems to be a serious return to the days of 2nd edition. Whether that's good or bad depends a lot of the gamer but if this IS a lead in to how 40k 8th Edition plays I can see how different point tiers like what we see in Age of Sigmar becoming an important distinction for games. If you take a look at the leaks that hit the web today for Eldar, Dark Eldar, and Tau, there will be lots of modifiers to standard dice rolls, and with those kinds of time consuming calculations in play a 1,000 point game could take 4 hours potentially. Keep in mind this is ALL speculation but if this is the sneak peek at 8th Edition a lot of us expect it is, the way we play will change significantly. Codex bloat will wither away but modifier stalling while playing will create longer games yet those games will have more tactical depth as you play the battle field for those modifier advantages.

Here are a few examples but be sure to click the links for all the images:

They sure look like the kinds of warscrolls we might see for 40k, don't they?

Thanks to the website La Voz de Horus for spreading these scans around

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