Monday, February 27, 2017

Rise of the Primarch White Dwarf leaks!

As is usually the case, the week before the next issue of White Dwarf had brought tons of leaked images to our hands for us to absorb and converse over. This week will also be a huge week for Warhammer Twitch TV because it will have several reveals of the upcoming Gathering Storm III book and at least one battle report with Roboute Guilliman in the mix. Of course, the rest of this post will contain some spoilers, but there are many more left to reveal when GSIII hits the shelves.

Here are the leaked images:

Not sure if the giant eagle comes with the Imperial Triumvirate but it's an awesome display.

And here are some photo's from an article about the overall story:

Also, nothing in the images so far have revealed whether an over the weekend rumor that Cypher is actually Farith Redloss. It would be interesting if this were true but there doesn't seem to be anything out there to substantiate the claim, so who knows. A dakka dakka forum member is the one who put it out there, so it's all on Orock as to the validity.

The prices were also revealed. The Imperial Triumvirate will set you back $90 dollars (kind of a steal considering there is a primarch in there) and Gathering Storm III: Rise of the Primarch will be $50. Both go on pre-order March 4th and will arrive to your hands on the 11th.

Just like with Gathering Storm II, all this info just makes me want the book even more. What about you folks? Be sure to let me know your predictions in the comments below!

Friday, February 24, 2017

News from Inside the Studio 2/24/2017

The big news that was just revealed was that the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar app is getting a huge update that drops next week. An updated search function will appear, you'll be able to add pictures of your figures to the app from your gallery, but the biggest news is that the app will now feature an army builder. You'll be able to build your list from the app, include photos of your miniatures, and then print it out for use. There is a tiny subscription fee, 99 pence or $1.25, but that's for an entire year's worth of service. The points values for all armies will be available at your fingertips 365 days a year for less than the price of a 16oz soda. Very cool!

One point that I'm hoping to clarify was when they said that the app will have unlocked formation points and be able to add those formations into your lists, yet the made it sound like you wouldn't get the rules for those formations unless you bought the digital copy, so that was somewhat confusing.

To get more info on the app and general Warhammer news, be sure to sign up for GW's digital community newsletter at the bottom of the page here.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Krimsynn's Beyond the Ring #1

Captain's Log: Friday, February 10, 20...wait, that's the Star Trek intro isn't it?? 😋

Let's start over, on Friday, February 10, around 9 p.m. I was in panic mode. No, not because I was nervous about my match, but because I couldn't find my darn knee wraps and knee pads! After searching for an hour, I finally found them. Whew!!! I needed to keep the knee injuries to minimum. 

By the time Saturday afternoon hit, I started my hour and half drive from Liberty to Sandersville. I'm sure most wrestlers do this on the long road trips by themselves: think about that night's match, and how they can give the fans what they paid for. Well, any wrestler worth a crap would, anyway. My opponent for the night, Barry Wolf, was a ring vet that I had faced 4 times already the past 2 years. 3 singles matches and 1 tag. Saturday night's match would also be a singles match. We are of similar height, but I'm sure I outweigh him, not that it means much in this line of work. He's always, been a tough opponent for me and is well respected in the locker room. My personal opinion is that he is extremely underrated. I've always enjoyed our previous matches and I was sure that this one would be a good one as well. It's always a great feeling knowing you are facing someone that you can work well with in the ring. In the back of my mind, I knew it would be an easy night. 

When I arrived at the gym, half of the roster was already there. It warmed my heart to see the other guys that I'd known in the business for the past 16 years. Wait, I've been doing this SIXTEEN YEARS? No wonder I hurt all the time! starts and 7 and I'm in the first match. The nervousness is on me big time. Crap. I hate when that happens. You'd think that after 16 years, I wouldn't get nervous, but I do before every match. There's the Star Spangled Banner, almost that time. 

The announcer says, "Introducing, KRIMMMMSSSSYNNNNN!!!!!! My music hits, I come out and the's the hell out of me. YES!!!!!!! We're off to a great start!! I forgot to mention that the last time I wrestled here, I wrestled Barry, AND I was a heel. Barry comes out, and the crowd loves him, we already have them eating out of the palms of our hands!!

The match starts with some back and forth between us and me making the crowd want to see me get my butt kicked. I took a punch to the face that burst a blood vessel in my eye, but that's all part of the game. We traded body slams, leg drops, punches, kicks, and suplexes before I hit a back suplex and rolled him up and pulled his tights for the 1-2-3 (old school heel move). However, Barry and the crowd convinced the ref to negate my win and he beat me with a schoolboy pin. I pray that there is a rematch. 

I drove back toward Hattiesburg, heading to Hooters (always my post-match meal for wrestling and Sigmar, no matter what town I'm in) to meet my cousin and relax. Sore and bruised I was , but that night we had our favorite waitress and the food was on point. 

You can watch the match HERE. Video courtesy of Newt Cox. Thanks Newt!

Good, good match. Always a good one with Barry. Always. Now I have to prepare for my first title defense of my Gulf South Wrestling Tag Team Championship in a few weeks.

I'm currently a tag champion in 2 promotions (Gulf South Wrestling and PowerSlam Productions). I need to take a promo pic holding both belts, but that's another story for another time. I'll have to update you guys on that title defense match. 

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Lego Batman review

As the movie poster says, be yourself unless you can be Batman. I think it should go one step further and say be Batman unless you can be Lego Batman. I have been anticipating this move since the original Lego Movie. I remember thinking to myself that I wanted more Lego Batman and was rewarded for that hope when the movie was revealed to be in production.

Let's be honest, I don't believe any of you are on the fence about this film. Likely you want to go see it but just haven't had the time and so you're reading reviews in the hopes it will tide you over. Don't worry, Lego Batman made 55.6 million over the weekend so it should be in theatres for a while.

The plot of the film, without spoilers, is Batman coming to grips with his loner nature and learning to accept friends. Batman is the perfect character to explore this, even in a kids movie, because he is a guy that became a vigilante after losing the people most important to him. He is Batman to make sure nobody has to suffer the same loss he did. As the trailer featured Alfred, Robin, and Barbara Gordon it doesn't spoil the movie to say that Batman's relationships with these characters and his need/want to be a loner is the focus of the film.

Now, as serious as all that is, and I admit it gets really touching in the third act, this movie is funny. Very funny. There are tons of jokes that go from chuckle to guffaw but the major humor for me is the TONS of references and easter eggs they dot throughout the film. So many that I want to go back and see it again just to see what I missed the first time (though I want to see it again just because I had such a good time watching it). And they dig deeeeeeeep for some of these. If you don't want these spoiled for you I will wrap up the review by saying that Lego Batman is just a good 'ol time at the movies where you will laugh and smile and enjoy being a kid and a nerd. I give it my full support as a great film and if you loved The Lego Movie you will only find more to love with Lego Batman. To me it's the best DC film since 2008's The Dark Knight.

Now scoot, I have references to list!

*Reference, plot, and Easter Egg spoilers*

This movie digs deep into Batman and popular culture to bring the funny. As I'm sure you'd suspect, most of these are going to fly right over the kids in the audience but for us older folks there is a funnier depth underneath the movie that will bring you TONS of delight.

Now first are the obligatory Batman references to the previous live-action Batman films. Lego Batman exists with the knowledge that Batman has been around and fighting crime since 1939 ("and still look fabulous"). There is a teaser trailer out there that even highlights all the films as "phases" Batman went through, from Adam West to Ben Affleck. A montage of images at one point shows the look of Batman as far back as his first appearance and even the 1940's Serials with Lewis Wilson. In scenes inside the Batcave you can quickly notice the various batmobiles that have existed through the years as another nod to Bat-history.

As you could suspect, the 60's Batman with Adam West gets a fair share of exposure in the film. Not only is there the small live action clip, but they reference the bat shark repellant from the 1966 film in what first feels like a throw away gag but comes up again in the 3rd act. References also include Egghead, King Tut, and others into the gang of Bat-villains trying to destroy Gotham. One particularly satisfying move in the third act is when Alfred puts on a Batman costume, an exact replica of the one Alfred puts on in a handful of episodes to deter people from thinking Bruce Wayne is Batman. The Alfred costume even displays a white pencil mustache on the cowl. Other notable Batman references are to the 1989 Michael Keaton movie and involve "the balloons and Prince music" and a more subtle reference to Billy Dee Williams' Harvey Dent portrayal. In Lego Batman, Two-Face is black and sounds exactly like Lando Calrissian, something that kinda made me squeal with joy because in a different universe we would have had a Keaton film fighting a Williams' Two-Face.

Other fun references include The Wonder Twins and their monkey Gleek, Apache Chief, and Samurai are present at a party Superman throws at the Fortress of Solitude. In the third act of the film the Joker breaks an assortment of villains out of the Phantom Zone, including: The kraken and Medusa from Clash of the Titans, gremlins from the movie Gremlins, Agent Smith from the Matrix, Dracula, Voldemort from Harry Potter, Jaws (whose fate clashes with the previously mentioned shark repellant), Dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, The Wicked Witch of the West and her flying moneys, King Kong, Dalek's from Dr. Who (in the movie they say "British Robots....ask your nerd friends"), and even Sauron as the black tower with the lidless eye. At one point in the epic fighting, Robin heads out onto Batman's jet to fight the Gremlins with Gymkata:

When this happened I was overwhelmed with satisfaction that the reference game was over 9,000. A real mic drop moment.

There are dozens more I could list, but these I mentioned where the highlights for me. Oh, and the film references a couple of Micheal Jackson songs (for no apparent reason, not that I minded), primarily Man in the Mirror.

All in all the film is just a fun, light-hearted, pop-culture glee fest and you will be doing yourself a major favor by going to check it out. I defy you to make it through the film and not at least smile, much less laugh. And if you have seen it, what references did I miss that you think were worth pointing out? Comment below and let me know!

Friday, February 10, 2017

John Wick Chapter 2 review

I came on to the John Wick appreciation rather late. I never saw it in theatres and, in fact, until a few months ago hadn't seen it at all until I found myself bored on Xbox One one night and rented it. I'm sure many of you will nod in agreement when I say it was a great movie. Loved it. Had to see the next one. Well, last night I did. Let me assure you that you will find the same high-octane tactical action that we see in the first movie. It's a credit not only to the director Chad Stahelski but to Keanu Reeves who does the lion's share of his own stunts. The dude is driven to make the film as grounded as possible. By now we have all seen this YouTube video of him training:

Anyhoo, the action is top notch. So much goes into how the action is presented that I am breaking my normal mega-ban on reboots by saying that the new Highlander films under Stahelski will likely be an improvement on the original. Ok, maybe not the soundtrack because nobody beats Queen.

I won't give any spoilers in my synopsis.

The movie begins with John Wick tracking down his stolen car from the first film. In the middle of the ensuing carnage some exposition is given about how dangerous Wick is to catch everyone up to speed from the first one and get the audience on board for what's about to happen in Chapter 2. After the car problem is resolved, a man from Wick's past appears at John's house to cash in a marker from his old assassin life. Though Wick considers himself retired, he is reminded that one cannot 'be out' and return without consequences. Wick continues to refuse despite his previous oath to make good on the marker, the man leaves and as you may guess things go south from there. The rest you will have to see but the film definitely delivers on presenting the strange, stylistic life of assassins the first John Wick film exposed us to. What's even better is we get more but have no further explanation. That world simply is as it is. No explanation required, which is such a smart way to deal with the mythos that the movie is creating in my opinion.

There were a couple of times towards the end of the film where I wondered if the people in this world were simply oblivious to the violence around them, like wolves fighting each other amidst a herd of sheep, or they just didn't care. That, and this will make sense after you see the movie, just how many people in this world of John Wick are assassins?! Again, not going to give spoilers, but about mid way through it begins to feel like every 3 in 4 people are assassins. Keep in mind that neither of these musings are complaints in any fashion. They were just a few musings I had.

*kinda spoilers ahead*

The way the film ends is at such a fast pace that you aren't ready for it to end. It stops just as the story is getting ramping back up into high gear as John has to deal with the consequences of actions taken in the movie. Obviously, there will be a chapter 3 but I was left with such a need to see what happened next that the only disappointment the movie gave me was that I would have to wait for resolutions on what happened during chapter 2. I think that's a good thing to have.

*end of spoilers*

All said and done, I loved John Wick Chapter 2. It gave me everything I wanted and had no let downs what so ever. Go see it! If you have, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The shocking final story results of Fracture of Biel-Tan * super spoilers*

These notes are on what I can only assume is a final read through of an early released copy of Gathering Storm II: Fracture of Biel-Tan. They are definitely spoilers and at this point I wouldn't see why anyone would fabricate these tidbits but take as much salt with them as you want until your copy arrives. All these are mentioned by Faeit 212 community member Dave. (grammar tightening by moi)
-Yvraine's rebirth basically opens Khaine's gate in Commoragh and he breaks loose as a dysfunction begins with the Ynnari escaping just in time.

- The BT craftworld is left abandoned after a demon invasion, which destroys it. All the warriors go to Ulthwe where a contingent of the new found Altansar turn up but then leave there together.

- A mission to a Crone World gets the Yncarne his Crone Sword but results in several dead Ynnari. They are rescued by Iyanna Arienal and head directly to Iyanden

- All is not well as Iyanden is under attack by Nurgle. Eventually Nurgle is killed but a daemon prince kills Yriel and infects his body, so it will infect the craftworld later for a fun surprise

- Thankfully the farseers of Iyanden are better than Biel Tan's and they basically put Yriel in stasis only for Yvraine to shove the spear of twilight into his chest. It kills the nurgle infection and ressurects Yriel with all of the souls the spear has stolen. The story also reveals the spear is the 4th crone sword (just one left now on Belial IV but it's surrounded by demons which is not ideal to say the least) (
This is an interesting development)

- Asdrubael Vect's plan in Commoragh backfires and the demons are everywhere. Basically everyone is thinking about uniting to kill him. Meanwhile Kherdruakh gets his last skull and opens a portal into the mandrake realm and they flood the city and basically beat back the Demons but it's not exactly clear if they are doing this to help the DE or intend to kill them next.

- Ulthwe, Biel Tan, Altansar, Iyanden, Ynnari, Harlequins, Corsairs, and few Commorites enter the webway to meet the Imperials as they all agree the only way to beat chaos is to use the humans. But humans are corruptible, so give them faith and it will prevent it.  They decide "the days of the corpse emperor are over, they shall have a new leader" (one who exists so they believe in and aren't corrupted) (
I guess this is why Yvraine brings back Roboute Guilliman. Another interesting idea)

- In the Webway there is a massive Thousand Sons and Tzeentzch attack which wipes out half the Ynnari. Everything looks bad when Ahriman sucks the Triumvirate into the warp and is about to feed them to Tzeentch himself when Yvraine says she can use her powers to reverse the rubric. Ahriman he sucks her back into the Webway with the Visarchand she turns them mortal again. (WOW) Ahriman is loving it but then Yvraine blows a hole in the Webway and all the living thousand sons are sucked directly into the warp by the Yncarne who's still outside the Webway (implied it does not end well for them) and Ahriman is screaming like mad but now he only has the rubrics Yvraine did not do her trick on so he has to flee, Cegorach himself is heard laughing at how much she trolls Ahriman

- they arrive at the planet (
??). Lelith and the cult of strife pledge to join the Ynnari if Yvraine proves it works then they all meet the Imperials and flee into the Webway for Macragge
WOW. Those are some MAJOR shake ups in the storyline. That will take a moment or two to process. What do you guys think about these turns of events?? Comment below!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Blade of the Immortal live-action trailer

I am so excited to see this trailer. I have been a long time fan of Hiroaki Samura's manga Blade of the Immortal. For those who don't know of it the story follows Manji, an expert swordsman who is cursed with immortality after being given kessen-chu (sacred bloodworms that heal even mortal wounds) by a mysterious woman named Yaobikuni. She promises Manji she will grant him the ability to die after he kills 1,000 evil men. Along the path to complete his quest he takes a young woman, Asano Rin, under his wing. Rin is seeking revenge on Anotsu Kagehisa, another master swordsman who is traveling Japan to bring all the sword schools under the banner of his Ittō-ryū.

The manga was distributed in America by Dark Horse Comics for years and it was the reason I was exposed to it. Samura writes and draws the comic and every page is a work of art. Here are a couple of examples:

An anime series of the same name was released in 2008 by Bee Train and it was a very faithful representation of the source material. I expect the movie will be just as high a caliber if the trailer has anything to say. One side note, I was interested to see that the live-action version of Manji will not sport his traditional swastika kimono like he wears in the manga. The manga always made a disclaimer about the original origins of the swastika as it existed long before the Nazis perverted the symbol. Even the anime kept it but it seems they have altered it slightly for the live-action, no doubts in hopes of acceptance towards a wider audience. Personally it doesn't matter to me either way, I just want to see as faithful an adaptation to Blade of the Immortal as possible. It certainly looks like that's what we are going to get. The movie will be released April 29, 2017 in Japan with an international release yet to be determined.

Are you looking forward to it?

Indications of how Biel-Tan was destroyed *spoiler*

Here are some leaks of particular interest to me because they are FLUFF LEAKS! I'm sure most of you would disagree, eagerly awaiting any chance for rules and formations you don't have to pay for (shame on you! Sure, read the leaks but support the hobby and your local store!) but in major events like this I'm far more interested in what's happening or what has the potential to happen. Friday can't arrive soon enough for me to pick up my copy of Gathering Storm II so I can confirm what is going on with my Eldar.

For those who need more anticipation here are a few scans from Dakka Dakka user Warhams-77.

Sadly, this doesn't cover much more than astute followers of the leaks already know OTHER than the explanation that an errant webway access portal into Biel-Tan may have been its undoing. That's good news for those who are siding with the Ynnead because it gives them an "It wasn't our fault!" excuse. For more scans, check out Warhams-77's scans here.

What do you think will be the repercussions of Ynnead's birth?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Grynx is out of the bag! Gathering Storm II mega leaks!

A few lucky devils already have their hands on this most coveted tome. I personally will be buying this book anyway because none of the internet pirates seem to want to share the fluff stuff I so desperately crave.

Anyhoo, here is your plate of spoilers:

Aeldari Bladehost

Army Rules

Formation selection
Reborn Warhost Detachment rules

Revenant psychic discipline

Soulbound Vanguard

Ulthwe Strikeforce formation

The Visarch

Warlord Traits

Wispering Ghost Hall

The Yyncarne

Ynnead formation


Well, are you satisfied, excited, or enraged? Comment below!!

Spirit of Rebellion new card reveals.

Team Covenant recently released an interview video with Star Wars Destiny designer with Lukas Litzsinger. A few of the highlights are a few of the new cards revealed in the interview. First off, there is Darth Vader: Dark Apprentice!

This one has card art of Anakin before he is interred in Vader's armor. He is health 11, has a points cost of 13/17, and his special deals 3 damage to an opponent and one point to himself. His die is 1 ranged, 2 melee, 3 melee (costs 1 resource), 1 discard, 1 special, 1 blank. Amazingly, he isn't even legendary!

Of personal joy to myself is another character card exclusive reveal from Team Covenant: Obi-Wan Kenobi: Mysterious Hermit. Obi-Wan is my favorite Star Wars character so I was somewhat disappointed that he didn't appear in the first Destiny set. Luckily, I didn't have to wait long for his appearance. He is 11 health, has a points value of 16/20, comes with the Guardian keyword, and his card ability reads "Before this character is defeated you may play a blue card from your hand or discard pile for free." His die is 1 melee, 3 melee, 1 focus, 2 focus, 1 resource, 1 blank. I'm not overly thrilled with his card ability but I'm eager to build a deck with him out of the old and new cards. Sadly, he is a legendary so he will take forever to find.

An event card, Rise Again, heals 5 damage from a unique Blue character. You may play an upgrade from your discard pile on it for free. The card costs 5 resources but has an amazing ability well worth the cost, in my opinion

A new location card was also revealed: Carbon Freezing Chamber. Much like its intended purpose in Empire Strikes Back, when you claim the card you chose a character die. That die cannot be rolled during the next round. WOW!

Info on Palpatine, Jyn Erso, and others that have already been revealed were also discussed. Check out the entire video here.

I am so excited for this set to release, how about you?

Yvraine video and Soul Burst explanation!

Savior or destroyer? This weekend will reveal more on the machinations of Yvraine. Check out the latest info from Warhammer TV.

 The most important thing from this video is the explanation of the new Ynnari special rule: Soul Burst:
"If a unit dies within range of this unit, you gain an additional action. That's another move, shoot, or assault."

That is going to be unbelievably powerful, especially considering the Ynnari units will be able to chain this together from multiple units killed.

A new Lego Batman extended clip

Let's be honest, this movie is going to be amazing. Batman was one of the best parts of the Lego Movie and now we have a whole movie about Lego Batman. The trailers have been great, Will Arnett is awesome, and the Lego take on the character is fantastic. I'm sharing this clip just to help tide us over until it's release on the 10th (technically the 9th because movies come out the night before they come out now).

You're going to enjoy this. And the song is super catchy!

New Iron Fist trailer!

I cannot wait for this to come out. Iron Fist is one of my favorite comic book characters and to see him on the small screen releases excitement best left described. The show appears to tie into Daredevil with the return of Asian drug dealer Gao and it also has the glue that is holding all the shows together with Claire Temple, a.k.a. Night Nurse, appearing as well.

My day off is already set aside to binge watch, what about yours?

Video on The Visarch has hit the internet

Warhammer TV has released the first video (hopefully of many) on one of the new characters from Gathering Storm II: Fracture of Biel-Tan. Check it out!

Just a bit of thanks

This blog has only been around for 21 days but we have already shot past 1000 views. Thanks everyone! We are planning to bring you more content and eventually podcasts and battle reports, so please follow and stay tuned!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Welcome to Blitzmania!

Welcome to the global Blood Bowl event of the year, the worldwide craze known as Blitzmania! Teams are gathering in local leagues, hiring and firing new players, and making sure to feed their trolls to keep them from eating their team mates in preparation for the biggest Blood Bowl league in years! Be sure to tune in to your local Cabalvision HD station and witness your local league as Orc, Human, Elf, and more battle for Blood Bowl supremecy! There's sure to be lots of blood and violence, and maybe even a touchdown or two!

Blood Bowl is back and Games Workshop has wasted little time in going all out with a global league. While Blood Bowl has been out of print for nearly a decade, Games Workshop released a new starting box for the famous game of fantasy football back in November 2016 to much fanfare. The new box is complete with a 12 player team for both Orcs and Humans, a double-sided football pitch, two double sided dugouts to set your injured and reserve players, and two sets of colored dice, blue for Humans and green for Orcs. In the time since, GW has released the Skavenblight Scramblers, a box of 12 Skaven players that can be painted as the Scramblers or your own unique team, Death Zone Season One, a book with league rules and team building rules for four flavors of Elves, Skaven, Nurgle, and Dwarf teams. The first weekend of February saw the release of the Dwarf Giants box, a 12 Dwarf player box, a double sided Dwarf and Skaven pitch with special rules, and limited edition dice for the new Dwarf and Skaven sets.

Personally, I believe Games Workshop has hit the ball out of the park on this release, pardon the inaccurate sports reference. All four new teams are great looking, the models crisp and attractive, and all easy-assemble push fit models. In the starting box itself, all the accessories are well made: the pitch is gorgeous, the dugouts have plenty of information, the dice are a good size and read quite easily. Not only that, but Warhammer TV (which is a victory in and of itself, but that's another topic) has seen Duncan demonstrate converting Dark Elf and Nurgle teams from current kits like the Age of Sigmar Putrid Blightkings. If there's any complaint I could level, it's the teams are hard to tell between players, with the Humans the worse culprit. The only thing separating Human Blitzers from regular Linemen is an empty left hand and a slightly larger fin on their helmet. Plus, important players like Trolls, Goblins, Ogres, and Rat Ogres are not available in new format models yet, and in order to fill out your team with extra Blitzers, Throwers, etc, the coach must buy another set of starter box sprues.

Regardless, Blood Bowl is back. The Blood Bowl subreddit went from being nothing but game replays and strategy based on the PC games to slowly but surely people showing off their painted and converted tabletop players. Facebook fan pages are full of excited people asking about color combinations (I'm still not sure on my Orc colors. Orange I know). Fans are sharing team names, and humorous (and painful) stories about players mishaps.

Finally I come to Blitzmania! Games Workshop has orchestrated a global league, very much like last year's Season of War campaign with Age of Sigmar. Teams sign up on the Blood Bowl website, registering their team to their specific store's league. Then they play for local supremacy with scores updated as games are completed so each coach can see their standings. Coaches get special event cards (the only new part of the game from the previous edition of Blood Bowl) that are only available during this event, and the winner of the local and global event gets a Blitzmania trophy! Strangely there are no scheduled games, each coach can play as many games as they want, so I'm not entirely sure how that will end up. Either way, Blitzmania has drawn in a few players in our local store, each having caught the eye of a team they want. Even more so, if GW had released more new team models for, say, Elves, I believe even more local people would be interested.

I am very excited to be participating in Blitzmania, and just to be able to play Blood Bowl for the first time since I started in the wargaming hobby. I've always been interested in the game, as building and leveling up a team over a league sounds like loads of fun. Even if my #1 Star Player trips on the field and breaks his neck, the game is silly enough that I can take the pain with a little bit of laughter with my cringe. Check out to look up leagues all across the world, or even sign up yourself. Be sure to look out for Tuffhide Toofpickaz, my Orc team that is going to smash all the competition on our way to Blitzmania gold!

Games Workshop weekend round-up

The floodgates opened wide this weekend. All sorts of GW goodies spilled out so let's do some catching up, eh?

First off, in response to the leaks of the Gathering Storm III models, the Warhammer Community folks again jumped ahead of the tide and not only released this video:

The video contains views of not only Roboute Guilliman:
Without helmet, because who shoots for the head?

With helmet, because people shoot for the head.

but the Fallen Dark Angel Cypher:
I'm 100% positive that the sword belongs to The Lion
and Grand Master Voldus of the Grey Knights 3rd brotherhood:
Because the Grey Knights are underpowered and need more oomph??

GW also presented the entire article about the models and Gathering Storm III for reading here. It's an interesting article, though I have no interest in getting the 'Imperial Triumvirate' I will likely get the book because the developments are so huge.
"As you can probably tell from the title of the book, their arrival sparks one of the most miraculous, game-changing events in the history of Warhammer 40,000 – the resurrection of the Primarch Roboute Guilliman, who must then come to terms with what the Imperium has become in the 9,000 years he’s been in stasis."
Guilliman, (who I consider to be a heretic and traitor on the grounds that he founded a Second Imperium during the Horus Heresy while the Emperor, Sanguinus, and most importantly the incredibly badass Rogal Dorn fought to keep Terra from falling to Chaos), will likely be pretty pissed at what has transpired in the 9,000 years he has been asleep. The Imperium is nothing like the promise the Great Crusade was to deliver and if he sticks around he has a lot of work ahead of him. There is not telling what the far reaching implications could be but I could be a good time to be human in the 41st millennium. Assuming Guilliman sticks around that is. In the article they make a clear point to show that his armor contains a life support system, so he may not be as hale as we think.

On to Forge World, they were also busy over the weekend with news updates on the upcoming game Adeptus Titanicus, a slew of Adeptus Custodes models and ships, and images from the next Horus Heresy book: Angelus.

Adeptus Titanicus will be a game focused on all things giant robot, from Titans down to Imperial Knights. Here is a pic of one of the pages in the rulebook:

The highlight for me out of all the planned model releases for the Adeptus Custodes is this exclusive figure here:

though I admit to some bias towards one of their none Custodes releases:

I needs it, Precious!

and make sure to head here for the rest of the images Warhammer Community gifted us with!

The last little tidbit from the weekend is one of significant nerd joy:

Unfortunately I couldn't discern whether this was in the latest book Inferno or is coming in Angelus but one thing is very clear, the Emperor IS coming.

Did we miss anything you thought was important? What are you looking forward to? Comment below!