Friday, March 3, 2017

Screen grabs on Roboute Guilliman's stats!

As you can see, Roboute (pronounced Row -bo- wtuh- A) is a monstrous creature (character). His stats are sixes across the board (I imagine his WS is highter). He has a 2+/3++, and if he manages to be slain he can return on a 4+ with d3 wounds. Presumably he can do this continuously thanks to the armor and you can read the rest of his armor's info below.

The gun stats in the top of this image apply to the gun attached to his gauntlet. 24", S6. AP2, Assault 3, rending is pretty sweet.
What little bit we can see on the Sword of the Emperor is nice. Strength 10, AP1, Melee, Armorbane, Concussion, Soul Blaze, Touch of the Emperor, Whirling Flame. They said that he can hit at x2 strength and the sword can be a d weapon. Pretty gnarly.

Make sure to check out the Twitch channel to watch Roboute Guilliman fight against the forces of Chaos!


  1. Thanks for the upload!

    One small correction though, zooming in on the second picture reveals that the Hand of Dominion and Sword of the Emperor share a combined profile rather than it purely being the Emperor's Sword's stats.

    Weirdly, his gun is a melee him an extra attack and a second AP2 weapon (not that it matters as he has Smash). 8 attacks from Roboute on the charge!

    1. Actually, using the gun in melee lets him circumvent models like the Avatar of Khaine who can't be hurt by weapons with Soul Blaze. Nasty!