Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The giant, my comp has been in the shop and the floodgates opened, catch up post.

Holy cow! I'm out of commission for two weeks and Games Workshop goes and opens up like they're Willy Wonka and we have golden tickets!

First off, two new games have been announced: Shadow Wars: Armageddon (the Kill Team version of Neromunda) which goes on pre-order this weekend...

and then they game some love to their fantasy range with Warhammer Underworld: Shadespire (seemingly a more armies involved version of Gorechosen)

you can read more about it here.

I don't have any interest in Shadespire and not much more in Armageddon (I wanted Necromunda as was) but the Armageddon set has some interesting new terrain in it and they have already discussed the other races you'll be able to play besides the starter set of Scout Marines and Orks here. The rules for Armageddon will be playing a part in an upcoming Narrative Campaign a group of likeminded gamers are concocting for when 8th edition drops and I'll be making a separate blog about that soon.

For 40k itself, the Talons of the Emperor box set came out. It has a unit of Custodes, a unit of Sisters of Silence, a variant Land Raider, a variant Rhino, and a Custodes Dreadnought, plus two codexes for a steal at $160. Seems like they will be out and about the universe now that Guilliman has kicked them out of the Imperial Palace on Terra. Also, a plastic Thunderhawk is soon to be released and tons of people will be grabbing one.

On the Age of Sigma side of things an entire race has been added to the game: Kharadron Overlords! They are steampunk sky dwarfs, buzzing around in zeppelins and the like. I know quite a few people that are interested in this army and are already waiting for pre-orders, which will hit the GW website this weekend when the new White Dwarf comes out.

Also, Games Workshop is getting into the apparel business with a new webstore: Warhammer Wargear! The selection is a little limited right now since they just opened up but I am looking forward to seeing what they have down the line for Eldar clothing.

Did I miss anything you felt needed mentioning? Feel free to leave a comment and it may get turned into a topic for an upcoming blog post!

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