Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Fallen, Guilliman, and more pages from GSIII

More leaked images have begun to float around the internet and it will undoubtedly continue as the weekend release of Gathering Storm III approaches. Yesterday, the page from GSIII showing Guilliman's points and stats hit the internet along with a data sheet out of the Imperial Triumvirate box from tarar2d2:

A lot of moaning has already hit the internet and fallen into 2 camps: either Guilliman is too powerful for his points and will wreck the game or he is worthless because he can't join units and will quickly get ganked. My two cents, based on his performance on the Warhammer Twitch battle on 3/3 is that he will wreck face and is the perfect representation of a Primarch on the tabletop. Except for his 6" movement. Honestly, they should have given him a move of 12 as the guy is genetically modified to be all spider monkey fast but it's a small gripe. Trust me, he works like he should. Some people just aren't going to like that.

Now on to the extra stuff that is coming out. Now, a couple scans of the rules for The Fallen (the Dark Angels that sided with Luther during the Horus Heresy) have hit the internet. Pretty interesting, I'd say:

The image comes from blogger La Voz de Horus and he goes on to explain the rules for them. Since you may not be able to read Spanish, or care to Google Translate the info they load out similarly to the typical tactical squad, adding 5 more marines, access to combi weapons, heavy weapons, and what not. The blogger doesn't seem to know if The Fallen get access to rhinos or drop pods, so I'm not entirely sure if they will get them if it isn't stated on the data sheet. Feel free to check out the original post here.
Now, the potential for major spoilers lies below. Bell of Lost Souls posted all of these on Imgur, and while they are almost all fluff one page does describe the Fallen Angels formation rules and a scenario.

I'll let you check out the rest here. To be honest, a quick scan of the pages didn't reveal the specifics of how Guilliman is restored or what happens when he gets to Terra but it is revealed that he faces not only Skarbrand but Magnus as well. Presumably he comes out on top of these two encounters because he DOES make it to Terra.

Are you still excited about what Gathering Storm III will reveal this weekend?

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