Friday, February 24, 2017

News from Inside the Studio 2/24/2017

The big news that was just revealed was that the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar app is getting a huge update that drops next week. An updated search function will appear, you'll be able to add pictures of your figures to the app from your gallery, but the biggest news is that the app will now feature an army builder. You'll be able to build your list from the app, include photos of your miniatures, and then print it out for use. There is a tiny subscription fee, 99 pence or $1.25, but that's for an entire year's worth of service. The points values for all armies will be available at your fingertips 365 days a year for less than the price of a 16oz soda. Very cool!

One point that I'm hoping to clarify was when they said that the app will have unlocked formation points and be able to add those formations into your lists, yet the made it sound like you wouldn't get the rules for those formations unless you bought the digital copy, so that was somewhat confusing.

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