Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Indications of how Biel-Tan was destroyed *spoiler*

Here are some leaks of particular interest to me because they are FLUFF LEAKS! I'm sure most of you would disagree, eagerly awaiting any chance for rules and formations you don't have to pay for (shame on you! Sure, read the leaks but support the hobby and your local store!) but in major events like this I'm far more interested in what's happening or what has the potential to happen. Friday can't arrive soon enough for me to pick up my copy of Gathering Storm II so I can confirm what is going on with my Eldar.

For those who need more anticipation here are a few scans from Dakka Dakka user Warhams-77.

Sadly, this doesn't cover much more than astute followers of the leaks already know OTHER than the explanation that an errant webway access portal into Biel-Tan may have been its undoing. That's good news for those who are siding with the Ynnead because it gives them an "It wasn't our fault!" excuse. For more scans, check out Warhams-77's scans here.

What do you think will be the repercussions of Ynnead's birth?

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