Thursday, February 2, 2017

White Dwarf read-through notes *Spoilers*

This is an update on the leaks that have hit the internet this week from Feb. 2017's White Dwarf concerning Gathering Storm II. I've read through the entire articles on the fluff and model design, which you can find scans of here.

The flow of the story in Fracture of Biel-Tan will follow Yvraine almost exclusively, from her rebirth in Commorragh as Ynnead's emissary. She is supported by the Visarch, a former Dire Avenger Exarch and teacher of Yvraine from her Craftworld days, who now carries one of the Croneswords. Legend has it that this is one of five relics crafted from the hand Morai-Heg lost to gain wisdom. In fact, the swords that all three models carry in the Eldar Triumvirate box are Croneswords.

Anyway, Yvraine heads next to the Biel-Tan Craftworld to presumably begin the process of bringing Eldar into the Ynnari fold. The details of what happens to the Craftworld aren't mentioned, so you have to buy the book, but an explosion sunders the Craftworld into pieces and the destruction of Biel-Tan's Infinity Circuit causes the manifestation of Ynnead's avatar: The Yncarne. Unlike the Avatar of Khaine, there is only one Yncarne.

The next part of the story takes place on Ulthwe, where Yvraine interrupts the trial of Eldrad Ulthran. The trial is over his actions in bringing this new god into existence of his own accord without any initial support from anyone. I feel it's a little hypocritical considering all the times Eldrad has saved the Eldar race over and over but that's how it goes. Whatever else transpires on Ulthwe Craftworld is also omitted but the White Dwarf article says a near civil war breaks out. That conflict could be the reason for the inclusion of the Black Guardians datasheet in the upcoming book.

After that Yvraine travels to Belial IV, an ancient crone world deep inside the Eye of Terror. Presumably she goes there to recover the last two Crowneswords though the article says she is only partially successful. The story continues on to Craftworld Iyanden where some sort of conflict is underway. It is cryptically mentioned that 'a great hero' dies defending the Craftworld from Chaos. Whether it is Prince Yriel or not is anyone's guess. A hero, or perhaps that same hero, is reborn and the Eldar forces that have been amassed since the beginning of the story head to Klaisus in time to save the remaining defenders of Cadia.

I am very excited to read the story firsthand to fill in all the gaps. One last thing I wanted to mention is the nature of Ynnead and his followers' ability to utilize the energy from spirit stones. At first I felt that this was some kind of vampirism but the write up in White Dwarf puts the spin on it that the souls inside the stones aren't spent at all. In fact, the spirits of the dead are described as having been waiting for this moment for a long time and Yvraine often consults the dead spirits that have united with her much like an Exarch and consult with predecessors. With that information I may have jumped to conclusion that the Yncarne is a sinister entity. Only time will tell though.

Gathering Storm II: Fracture of Biel-Tan will be released on Feb 11th for $50 USA and the Eldar Triumvirate will cost $75. Are you excited? Comment below!

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