Thursday, February 2, 2017

Slow Burn: My Journey into Warhammer - Finale

If you missed it: Part 1 and Part 2

I already knew I wanted to lean towards an Orc (Ork? Orruk?) in Age of Sigmar. It was down to choosing between the Bonesplittaz and the IronJawz. I chose the IronJawz based off that bright-azz yella armor. 😃 (In hindsight, maybe should have went with BoneSplittaz so I could have some archers. Hm.  Damn, you battleline!! HAHA That's another bag of worms!)

After joining the gaming groups on social media, I begin to ask questions and learn some of the war gaming slang and game terms like "4-up save, hero phase, etc. I also got to know some of the guys pretty well even though I had only seen them around the store once or twice. Admittedly, I was a little nervous asking questions and coming into the group at first, but they welcomed me with open arms and plenty of advice. It reminded me of the gaming group social media in Tylertown: Talk trash, crack jokes, talk painting, plan strategy, maybe get angry, and make up later. After learning a good bit, I couldn't wait to get my 440 point, LSU colored, IronJawz army to play a test game. 

A few weeks later, my received my army. Once again, Jim did an outstanding job. 

Once I found some time I caught up with one of the guys in the group, and we played my first game. I was hooked. I enjoyed alot more than 40K Kill Team. I'm not sure if it was just the fantasy theme or the 4 pages of rules as compared to a book, but I loved it. 

A few weeks ago I was able to do another tutorial game and I was even more addicted. Only problem is getting playing time.  Luckily, Top Tier started and escalation league and I'll be able to play every two weeks which work for me since I live so far from Hattiesburg. 

Now I have to ask, why didn't I jump on this earlier. I should have been playing this all these years. Yes, it is expensive. However, for me this is potentially unlimited gameplay. So for me, I plan on building more armies and getting more involved in Warhammer 40K AND AoS. On the downside, I'll be scaling back my video and board game purchases unless it's a big blockbuster hit.

Many thanks to the gaming crews at Now Playing in Tylertown and Top Tier in Hattiesburg. I wouldn't have really explored Warhammer (or write this blog) without you guys.

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