Thursday, February 9, 2017

The shocking final story results of Fracture of Biel-Tan * super spoilers*

These notes are on what I can only assume is a final read through of an early released copy of Gathering Storm II: Fracture of Biel-Tan. They are definitely spoilers and at this point I wouldn't see why anyone would fabricate these tidbits but take as much salt with them as you want until your copy arrives. All these are mentioned by Faeit 212 community member Dave. (grammar tightening by moi)
-Yvraine's rebirth basically opens Khaine's gate in Commoragh and he breaks loose as a dysfunction begins with the Ynnari escaping just in time.

- The BT craftworld is left abandoned after a demon invasion, which destroys it. All the warriors go to Ulthwe where a contingent of the new found Altansar turn up but then leave there together.

- A mission to a Crone World gets the Yncarne his Crone Sword but results in several dead Ynnari. They are rescued by Iyanna Arienal and head directly to Iyanden

- All is not well as Iyanden is under attack by Nurgle. Eventually Nurgle is killed but a daemon prince kills Yriel and infects his body, so it will infect the craftworld later for a fun surprise

- Thankfully the farseers of Iyanden are better than Biel Tan's and they basically put Yriel in stasis only for Yvraine to shove the spear of twilight into his chest. It kills the nurgle infection and ressurects Yriel with all of the souls the spear has stolen. The story also reveals the spear is the 4th crone sword (just one left now on Belial IV but it's surrounded by demons which is not ideal to say the least) (
This is an interesting development)

- Asdrubael Vect's plan in Commoragh backfires and the demons are everywhere. Basically everyone is thinking about uniting to kill him. Meanwhile Kherdruakh gets his last skull and opens a portal into the mandrake realm and they flood the city and basically beat back the Demons but it's not exactly clear if they are doing this to help the DE or intend to kill them next.

- Ulthwe, Biel Tan, Altansar, Iyanden, Ynnari, Harlequins, Corsairs, and few Commorites enter the webway to meet the Imperials as they all agree the only way to beat chaos is to use the humans. But humans are corruptible, so give them faith and it will prevent it.  They decide "the days of the corpse emperor are over, they shall have a new leader" (one who exists so they believe in and aren't corrupted) (
I guess this is why Yvraine brings back Roboute Guilliman. Another interesting idea)

- In the Webway there is a massive Thousand Sons and Tzeentzch attack which wipes out half the Ynnari. Everything looks bad when Ahriman sucks the Triumvirate into the warp and is about to feed them to Tzeentch himself when Yvraine says she can use her powers to reverse the rubric. Ahriman he sucks her back into the Webway with the Visarchand she turns them mortal again. (WOW) Ahriman is loving it but then Yvraine blows a hole in the Webway and all the living thousand sons are sucked directly into the warp by the Yncarne who's still outside the Webway (implied it does not end well for them) and Ahriman is screaming like mad but now he only has the rubrics Yvraine did not do her trick on so he has to flee, Cegorach himself is heard laughing at how much she trolls Ahriman

- they arrive at the planet (
??). Lelith and the cult of strife pledge to join the Ynnari if Yvraine proves it works then they all meet the Imperials and flee into the Webway for Macragge
WOW. Those are some MAJOR shake ups in the storyline. That will take a moment or two to process. What do you guys think about these turns of events?? Comment below!

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