Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Spirit of Rebellion new card reveals.

Team Covenant recently released an interview video with Star Wars Destiny designer with Lukas Litzsinger. A few of the highlights are a few of the new cards revealed in the interview. First off, there is Darth Vader: Dark Apprentice!

This one has card art of Anakin before he is interred in Vader's armor. He is health 11, has a points cost of 13/17, and his special deals 3 damage to an opponent and one point to himself. His die is 1 ranged, 2 melee, 3 melee (costs 1 resource), 1 discard, 1 special, 1 blank. Amazingly, he isn't even legendary!

Of personal joy to myself is another character card exclusive reveal from Team Covenant: Obi-Wan Kenobi: Mysterious Hermit. Obi-Wan is my favorite Star Wars character so I was somewhat disappointed that he didn't appear in the first Destiny set. Luckily, I didn't have to wait long for his appearance. He is 11 health, has a points value of 16/20, comes with the Guardian keyword, and his card ability reads "Before this character is defeated you may play a blue card from your hand or discard pile for free." His die is 1 melee, 3 melee, 1 focus, 2 focus, 1 resource, 1 blank. I'm not overly thrilled with his card ability but I'm eager to build a deck with him out of the old and new cards. Sadly, he is a legendary so he will take forever to find.

An event card, Rise Again, heals 5 damage from a unique Blue character. You may play an upgrade from your discard pile on it for free. The card costs 5 resources but has an amazing ability well worth the cost, in my opinion

A new location card was also revealed: Carbon Freezing Chamber. Much like its intended purpose in Empire Strikes Back, when you claim the card you chose a character die. That die cannot be rolled during the next round. WOW!

Info on Palpatine, Jyn Erso, and others that have already been revealed were also discussed. Check out the entire video here.

I am so excited for this set to release, how about you?

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