Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Eldar name change and more!

There are a few newsworthy items related to my favorite Warhammer 40k race this week. The first completely passed me by when it was dropped in the Warhammer TV video about Gathering Storm II

Did you notice it the first time? Apparently the Eldar will now be referred to as the Aeldari in upcoming books, much like when the Imperial Guard were relabeled the Astra Militarum so GW could secure those sweet, sweet IP rights on anything else they do in the future.

To confirm this, Robbie MacNiven, Black Library author and guy who should be in the know, posted this on tumblr:

Thankfully, this won't be an absolute retcon of the Eldar name, just an imperial designation for the race of Craftworld Eldar (or some other rational, pick your poison). The Dark Eldar have yet to have their new name revealed, though we have been assured it won't be Dark Aeldari.

On other Eldar related news, the rumors about the Eldar Triumvirate box seem to be all but confirmed, as Warhammer TV's painter Duncan gave out a pretty decent indication of the impending release on his 100th painting tutorial, by adding some color to an Eldar Gyrinx:

Presumeably the Gyrinx is a companion to an Eldar/Aeldari figure of some kind, but only time will tell. Rumors that are making the rounds that it could either be an Eldar/Dark Eldar/Exodite box or one goes so far as to say that the box will specifically contain Eldrad/Asurmen/Vect. Personally neither option excites me overmuch, I've never been interested in the Exodites as I think the Amish Eldar aren't particularly worthy of a codex and the three-named box contains two models I already have and one I would never play with.

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