Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Begining of the End? *spoilers*

Major events have rocked the Warhammer 40k universe this week. If you wish to remain unspoiled, give up a benediction to the Emperor and read no further.

Ok, here's the gist....Cadia is gone!

That's right, Imperial bastion world extraordinaire and closest important world to my Stygies VIII Skitarii force, is no more. It has ceased to be. The 13th Black Crusade claims its first victim and it is a doozy. Part of the impact of Games Workshop blowing up Cadia is that we have no idea what this means for the galaxy at large. Will the Eye of Terror begin to grow larger now that the ancient Pylons of Cadia are gone? Where will Abbadon and the armies of Chaos strike next? Is the fluff world I built my Skitarii around about to be razed to the ground? What does this even mean for the line of Imperial Guard models, who have long had Cadian troops as the staple infantry model?

Without a homeworld the Cadians are essentially doomed to a slow death just like the Tanith First & Only. And what of the legendary warrior Lord Castellan Ursarkar E. Creed? Well, according to Goonbandito on the Faeit 212 boards:
           Creed stands alone on the ruined surface of Cadia. He sees a metal giant in a scaled
           cloak in front of him, hand outstretched. "Ursurkar E. Creed - This is not your end. Eternity

*cue mysterious sting music*

A few other things to ponder:
  1. The Eldar are involved with the defense of Cadia, as seen below

          and let's not forget our currently unknown red armored friend teased in this picture:

          Rumors are also surfacing about a second "Triumvirate" box focused on Eldar, similar to
          the Imperial Triumvirate that brought us Bellisarius Cawl, Saint Celestine, and Inquisitor
          Greyfax. But when, and in what capacity with the various forces of the Eldar appear? The Eye
          of Terror is their terrible legacy and destroying Chaos has always been one of their central
          goals, the it is only a matter of time before they offer aid to the Imperium.

      2. Rumors abound that one of the Primarchs will return, though which one is truly anyone's guess.
          Roboute Guilliman has recently been mentioned, obviously awakening from stasis fully healed
          after 10,000 years. Personally, I feel it is more appropriate given the previous narrative arch
          surrounding the Space Wolves that Leman Russ return from the Eye of Terror. With all the
          hubbub going on around it, Russ would have a valid reason to follow the 13th Crusade back
          out into realspace. For purely selfish reasons I'd prefer Rogal Dorn's return because I'm an
          Imperial Fists fan and a skeleton hand revered on the Phalanx isn't enough for me to believe he
          is dead.

Whichever developments occur, it is an interesting time to be a fan of the Dark Millennium. Post your thoughts and speculations in the comments below!


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