Thursday, January 19, 2017

The new Logan trailer and high expectations

First, this:

Back? Cool. Though this trailer isn't as emotionally impactful as the first one, mostly thanks to The Man in Black singing a NIN song, it shows off what most Wolverine fans want out of a Wolverine movie: Wolverine running around killing people with extreme prejudice, using the foot long Ginsu knives that are his trademark. What's more, this movie apparently has TWO Wolverines running around killing people with extreme prejudice, using the foot long Ginsu knives that are their trademarks.

I have a love, disappointment, hate relationship with the all the X-Films (I'm not lumping Deadpool into it) and the Wolverine movies encapsulate all the problems I have with them. Wolverine: Origins had moments of pure character fan service that I absolutely loved but was bludgeoned to death by absolutely shitty story writing and the unmentionable last 15 or so minutes. Unbreakable metal can punch through unbreakable metal has as much logic as if I were to throw a brick through a brick wall because they shared the same physical structure.

And then there is the Ryan Reynolds laser freak:

His mouth being welded shut reminds me of the Pulp Fiction Gimp
The Wolverine was a significantly better movie. In fact, for my two cents, it was damn near perfect except for the last 15 minutes or so where the whole thing falls apart again. Really, really hot adamantium can cut through regular adamantium......because. It's like 20th Century Fox can't get over the fact that Logan has a metal skeleton and has to figure out some new way to make sure he's vulnerable. Who knows. In a movie where you see Wolverine vs. Ninja, it was the only downside.

I'll have to be real a moment, 'Logan' has an older, grizzled, defeated protagonist in the near future that we all want to see but he isn't going to have the same problems as Old Man Logan did in the spectacular story arc featured in Wolverine #66-72 and Wolverine: Giant Sized Old Man Logan. Movie studios and intellectual property rights will keep The Hulk, Hawkeye, and the Spider Buggy, from ever appearing on film together. The defining moment that causes Logan to step away from the world in Old Man Logan, while amazing and would be a dream come true to see in a movie, just isn't feasible because too much joy in the world can not be tolerated. And it has to be saved up for every single moment Tom Holland plays Spider-man.

Despite all that, I do have high hopes for 'Logan'. It has all the right concepts, and the right rating, to make a Wolverine movie that deserves to be the curtain call for Hugh Jackman as the man who is The Best at What He Does. Time will tell if we will be satisfied by the film or crushed by it.

Anyone want to make bets on what sort of adamantium shenanigans will happen in the 3rd act?


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