Monday, January 23, 2017

Green Lantern Corps. movie news!

Flying under everyone's radar was the announcement from Warner Bros. last week was that a Green Lantern Corps. movie is in the works. David Goyer, writer of Batman Beings and then Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, is set to script the new film. It is being described by several outlets as a 'Lethal Weapon in Space' so that could potentially mean a film with both Hal Jordan AND Jon Stewart, which would be epic but the recent string of movies coming from DC and the WB have been rather lackluster in my opinion. According to
'"Tom Cruise, Joel McHale, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds,Armie Hammer, and Jake Gyllenhall are on the shortlist of actors DC Entertainment is considering pursuing for the role of Hal Jordan in “Green Lantern Corps”'

 I have many hopes for this movie and potential franchise as I have always been a GL fan. Hopefully it wont be dark and depressing like the current trend in the DCMU, but more of the buddy space cop explode-a-thon the concept warrants. It should stay in space and the suits should definitely not be animated.

What do you guys think?

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