Thursday, January 26, 2017

The new name for Dark Eldar and more!

Scanned artwork from February's White Dwarf

A small trickle of information is coming in thanks to a few fellow gamers who have the French editions of February's White Dwarf. According to 1d4Chan member CthuluIsSpy:

"So, that French white dwarf had some info that might be interesting- Aeldari are a thing
- Drukhari are also a thing. Looks like its referring to Dark Eldar
- There's something called the Exhumed who can harvest the power of soulstones to use as weapons and amplifiers. They basically call to the spirits within them to vaporise folks and to buff their psychic powers.
-There's another group called the Ynnari, who aren't really trusted because they're considered to be corrupted by demons. What's more interesting though is that the Ynnari are also considered to be already dead (deja morts).
- Seems like the Exhumed follows Ynnead, and wants the Eldar to follow suit. They want to restore Eldar society to how it was before the Fall. The problem is that they are really arrogant about it, so they tend to be treated with hostility.
- Yvaine (she's the chick, right?) can take souls and "share" them with those around her. It gets a bit hard to read, but I think it says that these souls can manifest as spectres, or she can channel them (she gets possessed, in other words). The Ynnari see this as a divine miracle. This is from the Ame Partage (Shared Souls) section on the side, in the very small print that's a pain to read."
Take that with a grain of salt of course. Everyone can name an example of disinformation or miscommunication that has come from seemingly ironclad sources. Hopefully today's Warhammer Twitch reveals will give us much more to chew on. Stay tuned!

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