Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fresh off the presses of the Thursday Warhammer TV Twitch stream!

Whoa, info overload.

Eddie and Rob, Warhammer Twitch hosts extraordinaire,  started off in a slow reveal by covering the three Eldar groups we know of already, Craftworld Eldar (Aeldari), Dark Eldar (Drukhari), and Harlequins (Clownari?). They explained where Eldar go when they die, focusing on the Infinity Circuit inside of Craftworlds.

Then they talked about Biel-tan's Craftworld and its character. Then they talked about the boxed game Death Masque and the story behind the game, the attempt to cause Ynnead's birth. Seeing the  build up so far? Sure, it's mostly things we know from internet searching but it gets better.

*Spoilers to follow*

Then theed talk about Gathering Storm II. The story starts in Commorragh, focusing on the Wytch Cult of Strife. They then referenced the Black Library book Valedor, which explains why the Cult of Strife is fighting a new breed of Tyranid. Yvraine, one of the new models, is a gladiator in Commorragh and gets mortally wounded in a double cross. As she lies dying, she spirit shard of Ynnead that Eldrad summoned joins with her and brings her back to life by absorbing the life force of an eldar she had just killed. This makes her the first eldar to be resurrected by Ynnead now she will serve as Ynnead's prophet.


The next info is on the Visarch: Sword of Ynnead. His armor is meant to invoke the aspects in years past and he has influence in Eldar and Dark Eldar society. He was once an aspect warrior but nothing more was revealed not putting to rest the rumor that he is/was Prince Yriel. He helps Yvraine escape Commorragh as she is attacked for her psychic abilities. They escape to Biel-tan.

Eddie then discusses the actual fracture of Biel-tan is the cracking of the infinity circuit in the Craftworld and causing the separate bits of Biel-tan to fly around as a flotilla. In the middle of this fracture appears the Yncarne: The Avatar of Ynnead. They Craftworld Eldar are hesitant towards this god as it derives its power from the souls of their dead, much like Slannesh.

It's similar appearance to Slannesh doesn't help much either, apparently. Yet at the same Eldar from all walks decide to follow Ynnead and are called the Ynnari(?). That's where we get the cool red armored picture where you see dire avengers and wytches fighting together. What else transpires they don't say but the end of Gathering Storm II ends roughly at the same time as the Fall of Cadia, with the new Ynnari helping the Imperial forces retreat.

They reveal a new formation for the Ynnari. It gets rid of fleet from Craftworld Eldar and pain tokens from Dark Eldar, and gives a new trick: when nearby Eldar units die the remaining ones gain power! It will be very interesting to see how this new army plays.

And Black Guardians are back!

Whoa, that's a lot to take in and i'll be posting more as formations and rules screen shots surface. What do you guys think about the new developments?

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