Monday, January 23, 2017

Ynnead returns! Gathering Storm II reveals

Yesterday, the Warhammer Community page dropped the video that they hinted at Saturday:

Here are pics of the three models featured in the video:

   The Yncarne: Avatar of Ynnead

Yvraine: Emissary of Ynnead

            The Visarch: Sword of Ynnead                

This is huge news for the 40k End Times Time of Ending. The appearance of the Eldar god of the dead was first hinted at in the Death Masque boxed set back in August 2016. The story around the box was that Eldrad was attempting to awaken Ynnead ahead of schedule to help counter the coming darkness but because there were Space Marines in the box, Deathwatch actually, there was zero chance of that coming to pass because that would have moved the plot forward and back in those days that couldn't happen. It's crazy that in just a few short months Cadia has been destroyed, Fenris has been wiped of life, Magnus is back, and now another Eldar god appears. The subtitle Fracture of Biel-Tan doesn't bode well for the most Aspect Warrior-y of all Craftworlds but it is definitely an exciting time for 40k fans in the lead up to 8th edition this summer. When will the long rumored loyalist primarch appear? When will Cegorach walk on stage? Will the Golden Throne finally fail?

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